About us

Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort – John Ruskin

Kleenmaid appliances were first made available in Australia in 1984. In December 2009 Compass Capital Partners acquired the Kleenmaid brand and spent millions of dollars and almost 2 years creating the "Next Generation" Kleenmaid appliance collection.

Since 1984, Exceeding Expectations has been the driving force of the combined worldwide network of designers and engineers who manufacture Kleenmaid appliances. Today our own technical team—with more than 35 years experience—demand excellence in every product bearing the Kleenmaid name.

The Kleenmaid appliance range is the result of this unique, global collaborative effort.


Environmental Considerations

Our products are designed with the environment in mind as we keenly sense the need to protect our wonderful world.

Water usage and energy consumption are all considered when a Kleenmaid appliance is designed and built.

Excellence is not an accident, at Kleenmaid we create it.


renowned for
quality and reliability for over 20 years.

Our products are manufactured to the highest international manufacturing standards using only the best quality materials, and have rightly earned the reputation in Australia as being… the best you can own.

Each and every Kleenmaid appliance is tested before it leaves the factory to ensure that it reaches you in perfect condition.



All our appliances are supported by our highly skilled national service network.

The appliances which feature this icon are covered by a three year warranty as opposed to our standard 2 year warranty.