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Kleenmaid induction cooktops self-protect from ‘dirty power.’

You may be familiar with some of the current Australian energy supply ‘dirty power’ problems. These include low power factor, voltage variations, frequency variations, and surges. They are further compounded by solar power ‘feed-in’ installations, proximity to high-powered equipment and the distance to transformers or the supply network. Natural phenomena such as lightning strikes also play havoc. […]

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Steam cooking, what’s all the fuss about?

Steam cooking, what’s all the fuss about?  In two simple words, preservation and presentation. Cooking with steam avoids over cooking and damaging the cellular structure of your food. Steam is a much gentler and thorough form of heating and cooking. The results are a remarkable difference in texture and taste over that of conventional oven […]

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Know your cooktops

Gas, induction or electric ceramic, which to choose? Gas is pretty straight forward apart from the base materials being either stainless steel or glass. Kleenmaid’s electronic gas cooktop, as seen on Channel 10’s Good Chef Bad Chef, however brings new technology to gas cooking. Now you can set the cooktop to cook for a certain […]

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