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Did you know that using a dishwasher saves water, reduces energy consumption and is far more hygienic and effective than hand dishwashing?


The University of Bonn Germany is one of the world’s leading research based universities. In 2011 the university did a study of the advantages or otherwise of using a dishwasher as opposed to washing dishes by hand. Save water with a Kleenmaid Eco-Sensitive dishwasher The research concluded that the average dishwasher used 15 to 22 […]

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Ho Ho Ho into our new Aussie style Christmas pudding


Traditions of Christmas are many, but for the most part they centre around the kitchen. Cooking, laughing, eating, talking and enjoying family and friends. Famous are the recipes Mum and Grandma have passed down through the family. Australia switching to decimal currency in 1963 saw the end of the days of the hot Christmas pudding […]

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Getting a F.F.A.B. kitchen and your appliances right!

FFAB Kitchen

So what is a F.F.A.B kitchen? F.F.A.B. kitchens are kitchens that have been designed with a correct balance between the three pillars of kitchen design, Form, Function, and Budget. There is not much use designing a beautiful kitchen if it is just impractical. After all, the major purpose of a kitchen is to produce tasty […]

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Investing in a new kitchen is not like buying a car, if you make a mistake you can’t just trade it in…so what, or where is the answer?

Screen Shot 2012-10-30 at 2.09.23 PM

The European Kitchen Studio Model. The answer is found within the European Kitchen Studio model introduced to Australia by the iconic Australian appliance brand Kleenmaid. The European Kitchen Studio model brings all the, ‘new kitchen planning pieces,’ together under the one umbrella thus providing a one stop shop service saving you time, heart breaks, and […]

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Retail is not what it should be…. but why? It’s a lazy, lethargic selling problem!

Kleemaid Retail Stores

We hear a lot about flagging retail sales but that is not the problem, it is the result of the problem. So what is the problem? Well, there are several things that make up that answer, but from my point of view having hired and trained professional salespeople for over 35 years one of the […]

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