Getting a F.F.A.B. kitchen and your appliances right!

So what is a F.F.A.B kitchen?

F.F.A.B. kitchens are kitchens that have been designed with a correct balance between the three pillars of kitchen design, Form, Function, and Budget.

There is not much use designing a beautiful kitchen if it is just impractical. After all, the major purpose of a kitchen is to produce tasty and nutritious food, it is not just there to be admired.

On the other hand if the kitchen is fantastically functional but downright ugly that won’t work either.

Conversely, if a kitchen looks great and works great but you just can’t afford it, it is never going to happen.

So what is the answer?

Go here to find over 30 kitchen and appliance galleries which provide a complete design, construct, install and appliance selection service where the staff are fully qualified and trained to create F.F.A.B. kitchens.

Part and parcel of the form and function of great kitchen is the correct choice of your kitchen appliances.

There are some inspiring choices today and below I have highlighted two of the most exciting innovations from the ‘Next Generation Appliance Collection” from Kleenmaid.


Kleenmaid’s Inspiring Innovation is set to impress.

Kleenmaid is almost a household name across Australia with over 20 years in the business and being the preferred choice of more than 530,000 Australian households.

Our Next Generation kitchen appliance collection which is designed and manufactured in Europe sets a benchmark in innovation, and quality

Our appliances feature an impressive array of practical innovations.

Take our new “Elevator Oven” recently announced as a finalist in the Australian Good Design awards.

The oven is concealed in the bench top until needed, when, with the press of a button it elevates above the bench top allowing you to use the oven without bending over or wrestling with those heavy oven doors.

Our new gas cooktops with ESTC, Electronic Sensor Touch Controls are stylishly sleek and uniquely operate without control knobs.

The ESTC system is so smart it allows the cooktop to automatically regulate its cooking time and functions by turning itself on and off which provides a level of cooking precision generally only seen in electric Induction cooktops.

With Australian’s love affair with gas cooking our new ESTC gas cooktops are sure to revolutionise gas cooking in Australia and are truly a first for Aussie consumers.

Happy designing and planning to you!

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