Steam cooking, what’s all the fuss about?

Steam cooking, what’s all the fuss about? 

In two simple words, preservation and presentation.

Cooking with steam avoids over cooking and damaging the cellular structure of your food. Steam is a much gentler and thorough form of heating and cooking. The results are a remarkable difference in texture and taste over that of conventional oven cooking. Whether you are cooking cakes, meats, seafood, vegetables or fruits you will be delighted and surprised at the unique outcomes – expect to be impressed.

“The downside”

However, there is a downside with pure steam cooking. There will be no crispy skin on your chicken, salmon or muffins. No browning of the cheese on your Quiche. Steam generally cooks at around 100˚C and much, much higher temperatures are required for the browning of foods.

Enjoy the best of both cooking systems with Kleenmaid’s combi steam ovens.


In a combi steam oven, as the name suggests, you can cook with or without steam or you can combine conventional oven cooking with steam. The flexibility is wonderful. 

Combining both steam and conventional oven cooking is the ideal solution. The steam gently cooks as it would
normally but then the oven engages its heating elements in a predetermined configuration, time and temperature
to finish off the food as you would like it. The OMFHS6010 75 litre combi steam oven from Kleenmaid is featured
on the current 2018 series of Good Chef Bad Chef and is the model Adrian has installed in his home. In fact, he has two of these ovens installed in his home kitchen.




An alternative to this model is the Kleenmaid SO4520
compact combi steam oven, which is only 45cm high and 46 litres. This is a great  ancillary oven to compliment your current oven and provide additional cooking capacity for your kitchen.

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