Free Standing/Built Under Dishwasher



  • preWashSoak2
  • NormalWash2
  • ecoWash
  • superWash
  • halfLoad2
  • timeDelay
  • detergentTablet
  • sanitization2
  • extraPrograms
  • 3YearWarranty2
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  • water rating for dw6010


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597mm (w) x 850-890 (Freestanding), 820-890 (Built in/under)mm (h) x 600 (Freestanding), 570 (Built in/under))mm (d)

Technical characteristics

4-level filtration system yes
Energy Rating (stars) 3.5
WELS water rating (stars) 4.5
Decibel rating (dBA) 49
14 Place settings 14
Drying Systems Residual heat


Creative space upper basket yes
Easy-lift adjustable top basket 3 levels yes
Folding cup racks yes
Large movable cutlery basket yes
Full extending roll-out basket yes
Durable wheels on lower basket yes
Handle on baskets for manoeuvrability yes
Fold down racking in lower basket yes
Anti-leakage device yes
Anti-overflow mechanism yes
Concealed heating element yes
Full stainless steel wash tank yes
Super sound insulation yes

Wash Programs

Number of wash programs 10
Pre-wash/Soak Duration (Mins) 15, Water (Ltrs) 3.5, Power (KWh) 0.02
Normal Eco Temp 45
Normal Eco Wash Duration (Mins) 138, Water (Ltrs) 11.3, Power (KWh) 0.63
Eco Temp 50
Eco Wash Duration (Mins) 100, Water (Ltrs) 11.0, Power (KWh)1.30
Super Temp 70
Super Wash Duration (Mins) 155, Water (Ltrs) 15.5, Power (KWh) 1.60
Half Load Duration (Mins) 90, Water (Ltrs) 11.0, Power (KWh) 1.20
Pre-Wash/Soak + (P+) Duration (Mins) 45, Water (Ltrs) 9.0, Power (KWh) 0.90
Normal Eco + (P+) Duration (Mins) 65, Water (Ltrs) 9.5, Power (KWh) 1.10
Eco Bio + (P+) Temp 55
Eco Bio + (P+) Duration (Mins) 100, Water (Ltrs) 17.0, Power (KWh) 1.35
Half Load + (P+) Duration (Mins) 55, Water (Ltrs) 9.5, Power (KWh) 1.35
Super Strong + (P+) Temp 70
Super Strong + (P+) Duration (Mins) 95, Water (Ltrs) 17.0, Power (KWh) 1.50
Extra programs yes

Model: DW6010

You can rest assured that the Kleenmaid DW6010 with its European engineering is the best you can own and that washing up after a big family feast will be a pleasure.

Built from beautiful ‘touch proof’ stainless steel creates a stylish contemporary appeal.

Tested to Australian Standard AS/NZS 6400 confirms the DW6010 has a 4.5 star water rating, meaning it is economical to operate.

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The estimated total annual energy usage when tested to Australian Standard AS/NZS 2007.2 is 264 kWh. This means the Kleenmaid DW6010 complies with Kleenmaid’s demanding environmental priorities.

Shrouded with high density sound proofing guarantees the dishwasher is whisper quiet with a 49 dBa acoustic rating.

The simple to use features include a half-load option which will save you time and money.
Active Memorisation remembers your preferred wash cycle option and defaults to it every time the dishwasher is turned on, meaning you can just set and forget.

The intelligent internal layout maximises the space for 14 Australian place settings and includes flexible cutlery configurations and a 3 level adjustable top basket making room for extra-large platters.

This model also guarantees safety and hygiene with a four level filtration system, and a 70°C Hygienic Sanitisation rinse for sterilising your washed items and facilitating a sparkling dry finish.

This unit comes with a three year manufacturer’s parts and labour warranty ensuring you years of reliable cleaning.

Model Functions

  • Stainless steel
  • 4-level filtration system
  • Pre-wash/Soak
  • Normal Eco Wash
  • Eco Wash
  • Super Wash
  • Half Load
  • Pre-Wash/Soak + (P+)
  • Normal Eco + (P+)
  • Eco Bio + (P+)
  • Half Load + (P+)
  • Super Strong + (P+)
  • Active memorisation system
  • Time remaining/Program duration indicator
  • Rinse aid refill indicator
  • 3 in 1 tablet wash program
  • Audible end of cycle notification
  • Creative space upper basket
  • Folding cup racks
  • Full extending roll-out basket
  • Durable wheels on lower basket
  • Fold down racking in lower basket
  • Anti-leakage device
  • Anti-overflow mechanism
  • Concealed heating element
  • Energy rating 3.5 stars - 264 Kwh per year
  • WELS Water rating 4.5 stars - 12.6L per wash

Additional Features

  • placeSetting
    14 Place settings
  • delayEnd
    Time delay start (1-24 hours)
  • sanitization
    Hygienic Sanitisation Option
  • HeightAdjustableBasket
    Easy-lift adjustable top basket 3 levels
  • flexiBasket
    Large movable cutlery basket
  • gripHandles
    Handle on baskets for manoeuvrability
  • WashTank
    Full stainless steel wash tank
  • insulation
    Super sound insulation