Induction Cooktop 90cm



  • Residual heat indicators2
  • Arsenic Free Glassno text2
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  • Boost plus2
  • Biometric visual indicator2
  • Thermal dynamic sensing3
  • Active zone indicator2
  • Pre set temperatures2
  • Auto bridging2
  • Pauseresume3
  • Child safety lock2
  • Spill protection2
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  • 3 yr warranty silver2
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880mm (w) x 52mm (h) x 520mm (d)

Cut out (W x D mm)

Depth 490
Width 805

Technical characteristics

Power levels 9
Total power (W) 11100
Type Induction
No. of elements 6
ø260mm induction element power and booster (W) 2600/3300/5500
ø180mm induction element power and booster (W) 1850/2300/3700
220 x 180mm induction element power and booster 2100/2600/3700

Model: ICT9021

Kleenmaid has led the way in induction technology for many years and our new series 21 induction cooktops once again set the benchmark. Series 21 inductions come in two sizes, the ICT9021, a 90cm model and the ICT6021 a 60cm model. Each are manufactured with our Arsenic free glass and are accentuated with hand finished bevelled edges adding a touch of class to your kitchen. Both models incorporate EAS, Easy Access Servicing which makes servicing, if necessary, a quick and simple process. Beautifully crafted in France and boasting a fabulous array of practical features, cooking has never been so easy, enjoyable and exciting. Here are just a few of the features you will experience as you create culinary wonders with your new cooktop.

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TDS Thermal Dynamic Sensing.
This is simply clever technology. The rectangular cooking zone on each model which can be bridged for large pan frying incorporates the use of thermal monitors, known as Thermal Dynamic Sensing monitors. The Thermal Dynamic Sensors measure the temperature of the cookware and automatically adjust the cooktop’s power output to prevent the cookware from getting too hot. This reduces the risk of two things, burning the food and overheating the cooktop; very clever.

AZI Active Zone Indicator.
When cookware is placed on a cooking zone the AZI function indicates, by illumination, which controller is to be used for that cooking zone, so no guess work is needed.

Auto Bridging.
The rectangular cooking zones on both models can be bridged, meaning two zones can be linked together providing a double sized cooking area with perfectly even heat distribution. In addition to the rectangular zones, the two centre circular zones on the ICT9021, 90cm model can also be bridged. In the case of the 90cm model the need for bridging is automatically detected and selected by the cooktop. The 60cm model requires you to select bridging.

Biometric Visual Indicator
Beautifully embedded in the glass across the front of each model is a chrome metallic strip. This strip is a sensor which is biometrically sensitive making the operation of the cooktops simple as it shows where you need to touch the unit in order to operate it.

Boost Plus
Boost Plus provides additional power to a selected cooking zone which results in the cooking times being reduced substantially. Great for those who are on the run and time poor.

Both the ICT9021 and 6021 are covered by our full 3-year warranty giving you total peace of mind.

Model Functions

  • Residual heat indicators: a safety sensor indicating surface is hot to touch
  • Arsenic free glass
  • Quartz grey graphics
  • Bevelled shaped edges 22mm x 5mm
  • Six elements that provide eight cooking zones
  • Boost plus on each cooking element
  • High power booster - 5.5kW
  • Biometric Visual Indicator slider touch controls with 9 heating levels
  • Thermal Dynamic Sensing: prevents burning of food or overheating of cooktop
  • Active Zone Indicator: indicates which controller once cookware is placed on cooking zone
  • 5 timers and egg timer
  • Automatic cooking functions providing defrosting 42°C, keep warm 70°C, simmering 94°C
  • Bridge function on the central and right hand elements - allows simultaneous operation with a single control
  • Pause and resume function
  • Auto-Stop in case of accidental start, long absence, overflow, over temperature
  • Power adapts automatically to the pot size
  • Easy access servicing: provides access to working parts from below to avoid removing from bench when servicing
  • Child safety lock
  • Spill protection: safety sensors turn off cooktop at spillage, overheating, long absence or accidental start
  • Glass surface mounted
  • Glass flush mounted
  • Automatic cooking: avoids overflows, spillages and burning

Additional Features

  • Child safety lock
    Child safety lock

    Child safety lock