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Find Kleenmaid Service Providers in 'NT'

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Name Service Area Phone
Distinctive Appliance Spares and Service
Contact: Shane Ladhams & Liam Trainor
Located in South Australia and can arrange service in The Northern Territory
Phone: 08 8363 1500
To talk to one of our customer service representatives regarding a warranty claim call 02 9310 1096 or email support@kleenmaid.com.au

Kleenmaid appliances are supported by a network of service professionals all over Australia. These Kleenmaid qualified technicians service Kleenmaid appliances in metropolitan and regional areas.

24 hour emergency services are supplied by some service providers for specific products. The Kleenmaid service provider's network has in excess of 150 service vehicles Australia wide. This effective network coverage ensures Kleenmaid customers will always be provided with professional, time efficient, repair and maintenance assistance for their essential appliances.